Traditional Bluegrass Fiddle Transcriptions - 46 Solos

Traditional Bluegrass Fiddle Transcriptions - 46 Solos

With downloadable recordings!

Annie's book of transcriptions is available for purchase here. There are 46 solos in all, from master fiddlers such as Curly Ray Cline, Chubby Wise, Kenny Baker, Mac Magaha, Vassar Clements, Bobby Hicks, Glen Duncan, James Price and many others. Includes recordings of all of the solos, played slowly and up-to-speed, as well as helpful tips!

See below for free sample transcription and recordings, or to buy the book!

Sample Tracks 

Included with the book are 92 practice/demo recordings of all solo transcriptions in the book, played slow and up to speed, with backup.

Here are two sample tracks - Kenny Baker's kickoff solo to Careless Love:

Sample PDF Transcription 

This is Kenny Baker's kick-off solo to Careless Love, recorded in 1962, and it is one of the 46 solos transcribed in my book. This is a free download, and it goes with the sample tracks at left! 

Download PDF of Careless Love

The advancing fiddler who learns these breaks will equip themselves with the knowledge and chops to handle just about any situation in which they have to come up with that certain lick. The songs are well-known enough that playing these breaks as they stand at a local jam will turn more than a few heads.”

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