Annie Staninec Solo Album

annie-staninec-cdI finally have my own CD out – very exciting! I included some of my favorite pieces in several styles – bluegrass, old-time, cajun, even an Irish tune!

I felt fortunate to work with so many talented musicians on this CD, huge thanks to everyone who contributed!

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Long Time Traveling

Just Wondering Why

Track Listing Artist Listing
1. Long Time Travelin’
2. Just Wondering Why
3. Shady Grove
4. Steeley Rag
5. Plante Dans La Porte Da Ma Maison
6. Man of Constant Sorrow
7. Sinners Waltz
8. Rocky Island
9. Mike’s Hoedown
10. Shallow Brown
11. March to Kinsale
12. Willow on the Lake
13. Madaline
Meredith Axelrod
Cary Black
Jamie Blair
Andrew Carriere
Larry Cohea
Michael Connolly
Chris Coole
William Coulter
Trisha Gagnon
John Kael
Kathy Kallick
Caleb Klauder
Ethan Lawton
John McDonald
Mitch Polzak
John Reischman
Ivan Rosenberg
Peter Rowan
Patrick Sauber
Paul Shelasky
Sue Shelasky Walters
Annalisa Tornfelt